Catholic Schools in Scotland

Afterbeat is  aware of the new syllabus for Catholic religious education in Scotland, now governs the teaching of religious education in Scotland’s Catholic schools.

We have tried to complement with the nature of every Catholic school and their purpose of religious education by writing our lessons. We believe we will help Catholic schools with:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of Catholic faith
  • Nurture respect for other Christian traditions
  • Experience opportunities for spiritual growth
  • Obtain the skills of reflection, discernment and moral decision-making
  • Commit to Christian faith, values and actions in a positive response to God’s personal invitation.

Some of the experiences and outcomes  or the This is Our Faith Syllabus we will touch on are:

S1 RERC 3-01a, S1 RERC 3-05a, S1 RERC 3-10a, S1 RERC 3-11a,  S1 RERC 3-13a, S1 RERC 3-14a, S1 RERC 3-21a, S1 RERC 3-22a, S1 RERC 3-23a, S2 RERC 3-02a, S2 RERC 3-04a, S2 RERC 3-05a, S2 RERC 3-13a, S2 RERC 3-22a, S2 RERC 3-23a, S3 RERC 4-05a, S3 RERC 4-10a, S3 RERC 4-14a, S3 RERC 4-21a, S3 RERC 4-22a & S3 RERC 4-24a.