Health & Wellbeing

 (PSE: Personal Social Education Key stage 3 & 4)

  • Afterbeat enables young people to develop their self-awareness, self-worth and respect for others
  • Afterbeat helps young people  to meet challenges, manage change and build relationships
  • Afterbeat enables young people  to experience personal achievement and build resilience and confidence
  • Afterbeat enables young people  to understand and develop physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and social skills
  • Afterbeat helps young people to understand how decisions they make about behaviour and relationships affects physical and mental wellbeing
  • Afterbeat helps young people  to understand that adults in the school community have a responsibility to look after themselves, listen to concerns and involve others where necessary
  • Afterbeat enables young people  to  learn about where to find help and resources to inform choices
  • Afterbeat enables young people  to reflect on strengths and skills
  • Afterbeat enables young people  to acknowledge diversity and understand that it is everyone’s responsibility to challenge discrimination.
Some of the experiences and outcomes we will touch on are:
HWB 3-38a / HWB 3-39a / HWB-3-40b / HWB 3-44a / HWB 3-44b / HWB 3-45b / HWB 4-40b / HWB 4-43a / HWB 4-44b